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The journey to doing my own thing.

Deb Herman
Deb Herman

Director of Impactful Outcomes

I should have done this a long time ago. I graduated from Ohio University with a Journalism degree. I was already envious of my roommate who intended to work as a freelancer. But that's scary and unpredictable, so I worked for 30 years in corporate Marketing departments.


I learned a multitude of good (and bad) things about running a business. I also taught myself a lot of skills (like how to "do" websites and social media) because "no one else will/knows how/wants to do it." My menagerie of marketing skills and general business know-how brought me here. So I held my breath, jumped in and launched Deb Herman Marketing Communications in the summer of 2016.

I pride myself on honestly assessing your current marketing mix and letting you know how you can enhance your bottom line with some new strategies. My practical proficiency in website content management, digital marketing, advertising and traditional print media make me a very well-rounded marketer who can think, plan, implement and get results with targeted communications and marketing campaigns.

When I'm not doing marketing stuff I enjoy group exercise classes, musical theater, reading Stephen King and his progeny, and generally bragging about my four smart, successful kids & hubby. (There I go again!)

I'm excited about applying what I know to help clients step up their marketing game. Let's talk soon!


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