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Google My Business: It’s Key To Your SEO

Everyone knows how important SEO is to being found online. One critical element to your business’s SEO footprint is Google My Business. Creating and verifying your business through this Google app helps build your credibility and will enable you to appear in local search results for queries specific to your products or services.

Google My Business icon

As a new business, I’m taking advantage of this and as many free listing services as I can find. Even if your business has been around awhile, if you’re not using this free and easy Google service, you might be missing out.

This app feeds your business information into Google Maps and the Knowledge Box for a business, so simply claiming your business and completing the profile will help get your business noticed. Critical pieces of information to include are your name, address and contact information. You can and should also upload your business logo and photos showcasing your location’s exterior and interior.

Google My Business is directly tied to a Google+ profile as well. While a lot of people really don’t use this social network, maintaining a Google+ profile also helps with SEO. You can do posts similar to those you would use on other social media platforms.

Also, encourage your customers to leave positive reviews on your Google My Business page; it will improve your search engine rankings. Google loves any and all activity on these pages and you can see the results over time when you Google yourself!

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