How to make your headline grab positive clicks.

We all want to generate more traffic to our websites. Writing a headline for your social ad or post needs to do more than just get a click. It needs to deliver on what you’re promising. So how can you make your headline stand out, grab attention and create positive customer action? Be honest. We’ve all seen it, clicked on it and been disappointed. Clickbait headlines rely on sensationalism, but seem trustworthy. Then, they betray that trust as soon as you click; you don't usually get what you expected. That’s not how you would treat your friends, and it’s not how you should try to lure people to your website. Those who click will end up with a negative opinion of your company as a direct res

Website Woes

If I had to wager, I’d bet that most small businesses agonize that their websites don’t really work for them. Lackluster performance and not

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